Wishing Winter Away

It’s another cold, rainy, grey day here in not very sunny Fife. Not a day to be out in so, looking for something to do I started wading through my camera bag for SD cards. I’m betting I’m not alone in taking loads of photos that never see the light of day. I reckon I have about 34GB of photos doing nothing. I think it’s time to do a cull and start deleting them off the cards so I can reuse them but it’s such a mammoth task. I’m going to have to go through each photo and decide to keep or delete and transfer to an external drive. I think it may take some time and may need to be assisted by a glass of wine or two to sustain me.

I have photos I don’t even remember taking, clearly taken on my trigger happy days out with my camera. Then there are the photos I look at that make me smile and yearn for Spring, my favorite time of year. Blue skies, blossom and fluffy bumble bees.


I took this one almost 4 years ago at Minley Manor in Hampshire when I was working down there – happy days!


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