A happy new year was clearly had by all.

I was watching BBC this morning and no surprise they did the ‘are we recycling enough’ after Christmas article. According to their statistics we still aren’t doing enough. Wales apparently recycle the most followed by England, N. Ireland then Scotland. That did surprise me, Scotland at the bottom of the list?  We have no choice but to recycle in Scotland. We have four different bins to separate and recycle our rubbish. If we don’t recycle the council won’t take our bins away. It did serve to remind me though that I had empty bottles that needed to go to the bottle bank and of the many bins we have, we don’t have one for glass. So, I duly pulled on the boots and waterproof jacket and walked over to the bottle banks in the wind and pouring rain (dedicated or what!).

Really BBC, I think you have misread your statistics. I’m happy to report that the Scots are doing a grand job of recycling, perhaps the council could just try to keep up with demand…. ?  Cheers!




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