Watch the birdie!

I often take a walk around the Edinburgh Botanic gardens when I have a spare couple of hours. It’s a bonus having such an amazing place almost on my doorstep. The fact that we actually had a non rainy, blue skies (sort of), cold Winter day here today was an added bonus and with camera in tow I took off for a couple of hours this afternoon for a walk around the botanics.

I expected to see the usual array of everyday birds and squirrels we get in Edinburgh in the Winter but I was surprised to see a heron there.


While taking a photo of the heron I caught a glimpse of something very colourful flying over the pond and was even more surprised to see this one landing on a tree next to the pond…


In all the years I have been going to the botanics in Edinburgh I have never seen either a heron or a kingfisher there before. I’ve seen herons at Flotterstone at the Pentland hills in Scotland and I’ve seen kingfishers while I’ve been down in England but this is the first kingfisher I’ve managed to spot in Scotland.  Well worth the visit, it made my day. I only wish I could have gotten a bit closer to take better photos but neither of them were prepared to pose for me. Maybe next time.


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