Born in Kluang, Malaysia to Scottish parents, moving around every couple of years then ending up in Scotland, I often feel I don’t really belong anywhere… or maybe I just belong everywhere. That’s what happens when you are from a military family, it’s a different world and I feel lucky to have been able to grow up experiencing different cultures and nationalities. Drop me in to a forest or the countryside with my camera regardless of where I am and I’m a happy bunny. I wouldn’t want to live without nature, books or my camera. I don’t need to be rich or have it all. I don’t have a desire to post duck faced selfies of myself every day (honestly, how stupid do they look) and I’m not a follower of the latest trends or fashion. I’m just me, lover of anything natural. It makes me sad that the world is so full of conflict and negativity and people are so obsessed with money, celebrity and gadgets.  I wish more people would stop and look at the world around them and appreciate the wonders of nature.

‘Onegoodthing2016’ exists because of my desire to put more positive focus in to my life when I seem to be surrounded by people who can’t see past the negative. My aim is to think of one good thing that happened each day whether big or small in a bid to end my day on a positive note.  I also have so many photos that don’t see the light of day which remind me of places and things I’ve seen that I’m going to see if I can work my way through the alphabet subject wise.

The photos on this site were taken by me and belong to me, please don’t use them without my permission.


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