Weekly photo challenge – Weight(less)



Prayer flags on a windy day at the Samye Ling Monastery and Tibetan Buddhist Centre in the Scottish Borders.



Winter colour

Taken in Edinburgh two days ago, it’s nice to see some colour especially as the Uk has more than it’s share of grey, miserable rainy days just now when we should have frost and snow.



Watch the birdie!

I often take a walk around the Edinburgh Botanic gardens when I have a spare couple of hours. It’s a bonus having such an amazing place almost on my doorstep. The fact that we actually had a non rainy, blue skies (sort of), cold Winter day here today was an added bonus and with camera in tow I took off for a couple of hours this afternoon for a walk around the botanics.

I expected to see the usual array of everyday birds and squirrels we get in Edinburgh in the Winter but I was surprised to see a heron there.


While taking a photo of the heron I caught a glimpse of something very colourful flying over the pond and was even more surprised to see this one landing on a tree next to the pond…


In all the years I have been going to the botanics in Edinburgh I have never seen either a heron or a kingfisher there before. I’ve seen herons at Flotterstone at the Pentland hills in Scotland and I’ve seen kingfishers while I’ve been down in England but this is the first kingfisher I’ve managed to spot in Scotland.  Well worth the visit, it made my day. I only wish I could have gotten a bit closer to take better photos but neither of them were prepared to pose for me. Maybe next time.

A happy new year was clearly had by all.

I was watching BBC this morning and no surprise they did the ‘are we recycling enough’ after Christmas article. According to their statistics we still aren’t doing enough. Wales apparently recycle the most followed by England, N. Ireland then Scotland. That did surprise me, Scotland at the bottom of the list?  We have no choice but to recycle in Scotland. We have four different bins to separate and recycle our rubbish. If we don’t recycle the council won’t take our bins away. It did serve to remind me though that I had empty bottles that needed to go to the bottle bank and of the many bins we have, we don’t have one for glass. So, I duly pulled on the boots and waterproof jacket and walked over to the bottle banks in the wind and pouring rain (dedicated or what!).

Really BBC, I think you have misread your statistics. I’m happy to report that the Scots are doing a grand job of recycling, perhaps the council could just try to keep up with demand…. ?  Cheers!



Wishing Winter Away

It’s another cold, rainy, grey day here in not very sunny Fife. Not a day to be out in so, looking for something to do I started wading through my camera bag for SD cards. I’m betting I’m not alone in taking loads of photos that never see the light of day. I reckon I have about 34GB of photos doing nothing. I think it’s time to do a cull and start deleting them off the cards so I can reuse them but it’s such a mammoth task. I’m going to have to go through each photo and decide to keep or delete and transfer to an external drive. I think it may take some time and may need to be assisted by a glass of wine or two to sustain me.

I have photos I don’t even remember taking, clearly taken on my trigger happy days out with my camera. Then there are the photos I look at that make me smile and yearn for Spring, my favorite time of year. Blue skies, blossom and fluffy bumble bees.


I took this one almost 4 years ago at Minley Manor in Hampshire when I was working down there – happy days!

A bit of light shopping

Today the Christmas tree came down, which means it’s almost time to go back to work – a depressing thought.  There’s a part of me that likes to get all the Christmas decorations down and put away because it means getting back in to a normal routine. But on the other hand, the place always seems so bare after the baubles and lights are gone – too bare. I think the fairy lights need to stay, they make the room more cosy.  With that in mind I went to TKMax and as much as I hate shopping, I do like going there to see what I can pick up for the house. I managed to get myself a cheeky wee bargain by way of a glass container thingy for only few pounds. I don’t know what it is, it’s too wide to be a vase and too tall to be a dish but either way it’s perfect for the fairy lights.


The Christmas tree may be gone but the fairy lights get to brighten up another day. Now I just have to get my brain in gear to think about going back to work in a couple of days. On the plus side, I do still have 3 days holiday left. I think I will eat some of the many chocolates I acquired over Christmas while my brain mulls over the work thing. Chocolate always makes the day better.

The right kind of parking ticket

I woke up this morning to a cold, grey, damp day outside – not unusual for Scotland in the Winter but it’s the kind of day that makes you want to stay inside with the heating on and endless mugs of tea. My daughter had other ideas however, she wanted to go shopping. Not a lover of shopping, especially with my daughter as we always seem to end up falling out, I reluctantly forced myself to put on a jumper and coat and get out there wishing it was already over. My daughter likes to browse in clothes shops, I like to know what I want, exactly where to get it and then get in and out in a matter of minutes all stealth like to avoid trauma to my state of mind. We did fall out and I’ve promised never to go shopping with her ever again. On the plus side, when we arrived at the car park a lovely man handed us his parking ticket that he had only used 20 minutes of and which still had loads of time left on it.  Not having to pay for car parking is always a bonus. When we left we did the same and passed it on to a lady who pulled up just as we were leaving. It’s the little things that make it a nicer world.