Weekly Photo Challenge – Time


– Keeping track of the solar and lunar alignments year round…


I took the above photo in 2011, about 45 years after the last time I went to Stonehenge – that’s me in the middle touching the pillar – not something your allowed to do now.

Stonehenge 1.jpg enlarged


I was having a bit of a pissy day at work this morning and decided a brisk walk around the Edinburgh Botanics over lunch break was needed to clear the head.  Every time I go there at the moment I get stalked by a Robin and I always manage to come away feeling guilty that I don’t have any food for them.  I do love Robins and I unwittingly find myself talking to them – I need to take food next time.




Then again, maybe this somewhat chunky squirrel could share his food?




It was a gorgeous cold, sunny day in Edinburgh today which made a nice change from all the rain over the weekend. Not to mention the somewhat hairy trip last night driving from Fife to Edinburgh in the rain and suddenly finding myself hitting a flooded road at Cramond. It was a split second decision to hit the brakes or put the foot to the floor and keep going through it. I didn’t have time to break and stop the car before it actually entered what was about a ten meter stretch of water and there were cars right behind me. So putting the foot to the floor and keeping the revs up and the fingers crossed it was. Thankfully my poor little Mini made it but it was touch and go when it spluttered a bit half way through. I then got to my destination to find the car park at the entrance to my building flooded and had to use a door on the other side of the building instead. According to the weather reports we are in for some typical cold frosty, snowy weather this week – thank heavens, we can all do without any more of this constant rain.